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Personality Development Programme

Before hiring someone, wouldn't you like to know if the person is easy to manage, strives for success, works well with others, builds good customer relationships, follows through on assignments, offers innovative ideas, and thoroughly learns your business?

Before investing in the development of employees, wouldn't you like to know more about their strengths, weaknesses, potential, preferred learning methods, perhaps even their core values and motivations?

Thus, Understanding the need of having a good personality, we have developed a Personality Development Program (PDP) which helps a person in his day to day life, be it in society, be it in business or be in profession.

Duration: 1 month, 1 hr daily

.• Building Positive Attitude
.• Building Confidence
.• Interpersonal Skills
.• Time Management
.• Stress Management
.• Grooming
.• Art of Communication
.• Body Language
.• Negotiations Skills
.• Objection Handling