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Certificate Courses

Govt. Approved Online Distance Certificate Courses for 3 months @ Rs. 3200/-

We are information & Enrollment Center of MIT School of Distance Education, Pune (Recognized by DEC, Govt. of India). MITSDE is was established in 1983 and is one of the top notch institution of Maharashtra. MITSDE provide PGDBA+MBA Program, MBA degree is provided by ASSAM DOWN TOWN UNIVERSITY and PGDBA certificate is provide by MITSDE. Under this program the candidate is able to get DUAL CERTIFICATION which help him in his career. The certificate is worldwide valid in all sectors whether it is Public or Private. In addition to that, various Post Graduate Diploma Programs, Diploma and more than 100+ certificate courses are offered.

Importance of Distance Learning

Facts to know about Distance learning education

Due to technology advancement, many impossible things are been made possible. For example, let us consider educational system, which previously was offered only through regular mode. But presently technology has improved and introduction of distance leaning through online media came into existence. The Indian educational system has also experienced many changes and distance education has gained popularity. Professionals as well as students have recognized the importance of distance learning in India. The major reason for getting popularity is due to the flexibility and less duration of courses which can add multiple qualifications to Curriculum Vita. Another point which made distance learning to gain popularity is due to the less investment cost involved for course completion.

Programs offered through distance learning

In general, the distance education programs are offered by different universities in some of the modes which include correspondence course, online course, Broadcast course through media like TV or radio, Mobile or wireless learning courses etc. The aim of distance learning courses is to provide education to people staying in remote places or candidates unable to attend regular classroom. However, a standard degree is awarded by same university when candidate clears the exams.

Though the modes are many, the popular types are correspondence courses and online courses. In India there are varieties of courses, offered by top universities which are done by both students and employees. Most of the universities have Graduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and certified programs in distance learning mode. The areas covered in the courses range from Business administration, IT to unique areas Fire protection. Some benefits like, wide choices and no restriction on doing multiple degrees, make distance learning program a good prospective option for both students and working professionals.

Benefits of doing distance learning course through recognized institution

Whether it is a PGDBA/MBA through correspondence or some certified courses, selecting a recognized and authorized school of distance education is needed.In India, MIT School of distance education is premium recognized institution with certification from Distance Education Council, which is a Government on India body. The courses offered by the school can be either done through correspondence or online depending upon the personal interest and skills. For example, a management student or employee of management firm can pursue PGDBA/MBA through distance education or can just opt for Diploma in Business Administration. And after completion of the programs in MIT, candidate can also look out for placements in major international companies as the school has an academic partnership with some top companies.

Skill Based Certificate Courses

Some of The Certificate Courses are :

  • Leadership and Organizational Behaviour

  • Corporate Communication

  • Financial Reporting and Control (Accounts)

  • Managerial Economics

  • Managerial Finance

  • Technology and Operations Management

  • Finance Management

  • Marketing Management

  • Human Resource Management

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Legal Framework and Business

  • Management Information Systems

  • International Marketing and many more..

  • Best reasons why you should join this program

    • Convenient & Flexible mode of Learning

    • Contemporary Curriculum

    • Multiple choice of Questions

    • Quality Courseware

    • E-Learning Package

    • Case Study Advantage

    • No Entrance Exam

    • Web support on 24/7 basis

    • Flexible Online Examination

    To know more Call: 09971017178 or mail to ak@mitsde.com