MIZU Academy is a corporate training division of KalpVriksh Career Planners Institute Pvt. Ltd. It has been providing research based, innovative, pragmatic solutions to its clients since 2008.

MIZU is a Japanese word, meaning “Water”, representing the fluid, flowing, formless things in the world. We work towards strengthen the process and transformation of people. We have mastery over domain specific and human potentiality enhancement trainings.

We have a team consisting of NLP trainers, facilitators, L&D professionals, subject matter experts and consultants. We aim to bring out permanent changes in our participants by working on their core issues majorly by reImprinting their subconscious mind which is a reservoir for all that we have experienced in our lives and is responsible for all our behaviour.


We work as your partner in growth by understanding and working on all the six aspects of a human personality. We work closely with you starting from selecting an aspect, identifying the missing pie i,e; the problem area, looking for solutions, and fixing it to achieve the desired individual as well organization goal.

Our personality consists of different faces which we can consider as different selves viz.

  • Mental Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Physical Health
  • Social Health
  • Financial Health
  • Spiritual Health
Mission Image
Mission Image


We are committed to help each individual live an abundant life!

To enable every individual become the master craftsman of his own destiny through mastering communication, creativity, and inner beliefs through Soft Skills, NLP & other spiritual tools.


Our values drive us in our everyday operation. It reflects who we are and where we are heading as a company.

Quality- We inspire and empower each individual through experiential learning. We use NLP, Spiritual Tools & Lean Six Sigma.

Value Additions - We strive to give our clients X25 the value they expect from us.

Trust & Team work - We trust each other; work together to meet the customer’s needs and achieve the ultimate goal.

Integrity and Accountability - We show more integrity in everyday life and are accountable for delivering on our commitments personally.

Innovation - We make learning simple, unique and effective through continuous innovation.


Why Select MIZU Academy

Here are just a few compelling reasons why we feel MIZU Academy should become your growth partner

High quality training with reasonable pricing – We will help you achieve results you are looking for within reasonable cost.

Experienced local trainers available for you – We have got a wide network of local trainers who are from diverse domains and carry rich experienced in learning & development. We also have some trainers who are certified in NLP, MBTI, Life Coaching, DISC, etc.

Excellent reputation – Due to our effective training programs our clients use our services quite often.

Proven expertise – We are an expert in bringing out a perfect solution in the format, style and time you need.

Consultative approach – We take time to understand your business model, real needs and specially your people before we come across any solution and that approach assures you of guaranteed results.

Training partnership – We believe in having a long term growth partnership you. Hence, we always look forwards to add more value to our clients. This is how we have sustained and have successfully been delivering training to many working professionals across various organizations for over a decade.

Broad range of services – We customize training at all levels

  • In-house training programmes
  • NLP Based Training
  • Performance coaching
  • Team building
  • Induction and job training programmes
  • Soft Skills (All Modules )
  • Corporate NLP for Personal and Business Mastery

Delivery of training in a fun, interactive and engaging way – We are known to make learning fun and interesting so that your people can achieve the skills, confidence and behavioural change needed for your organization.

Creativity & Innovation – Our innovative and creative approach is reflected in all aspects : training content , training style and methodologies, because Creativity and Innovation is one of the our company's core values.